Prospecting expired
listings used to take hours

Now we do it in seconds

According to the NAR, prospecting expireds is one of the TOP 5 ways to make money in real estate.

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With CancelledListings, my firm can find listings
as they expire, in real-time! This lets us be the first
to contact the owner for the listing appointment.
We've signed 18 new listings this month because of it!

Toby Powell

Real Estate Broker
Sunny Isles, FL

Put More Signs in the Ground!

CancelledListings is the KEY to getting more listings – FASTER – and with LESS WORK!


Daily MLS Updates

Each night, we automatically scan the MLS database for any and all listings that didn’t sell. (Expireds are often the best source of new business.)

Time & Billing

Instant Contact Pairing

Our system actively scans all available public databases to find any and all owner and contact info for each property. We then cross-check all phone numbers against the National Do-Not-Call list to make sure this is a valid lead you can call right away.


Filter Your Farm

Furthermore, you can set your own “filters” (like price, location, etc) to easily identify leads in your farm area, and at prices that you'd be interesting in working with.

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What use to take hours, now takes just a few seconds

Every brokerage knows how time-consuming it is to do your own research and phone work on Expireds and FSBO’s. But until now, that’s really been your only choice. Upgrade your firm's work flows with the CancelledListings system.

How it works
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Real-Time expiration emails

Easily set filters for your desired price points and farm areas. In real-time, you'll be notified when any listing expires that matches your critera; this is automated – and presented in a remarkably user-friendly, well-organized way.

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On the web and mobile

Our website was designed to be compatible across all devices that you use. Whether you're using your tablet at home, your computer at the office, or your mobile phone on the go, you can check on your expireds at any time of day.

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Trusted Nationwide

Top brokerages across the United States utilize our system.

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Save time and make MORE money All you have to do
is start dialing!

This is the power of today’s computer database
technology as it relates to real estate and the MLS.

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